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  • SlaughteR

    Membership date 08.04.2020
    Hello, first of all, we would like to state that this event has been organized according to KO1 from top to bottom.

    Event registration from the events menu

    [url = https: //hizliresim.com/ufiYa8] [img] https://i.hizliresim.com/ufiYa8.png

    [/ img] [/ url]

    The event hours were determined as 17:30 and 22:30 in the first place.

    Level lower limit is 70

    All registrants will be drawn to a single event venue, there will be race struggle

    [url = https: //hizliresim.com/eZtaN6] [img] https://i.hizliresim.com/eZtaN6.jpg

    [/ img] [/ url]

    The score will be determined according to the population of the races in the event, the winner will receive gem according to the race level, and the losing race will receive black gems.For example, if there are 200 elmorads and 100 karus, elmorads will get 1 point for a clay, and karuses will get 2 points for their opponents double.

    Mission rewards will be received from the events menu.

    With silver and gold bar drops in the deva, the silver gem will drop, and it will respawn every 30 seconds.

    The event will last for 30 minutes and during this period, those who cut 1 mob in each room and get at least 10 pk pointi are eligible to receive the event reward.

    Tp is working

    If the deceased are not disgraced, they will be reborn from the town and will have to kill mob again to overcome the rooms.

    Have fun everybody