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  • SlaughteR

    Membership date 08.04.2020
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    Kurvi Çuvaç: It means "Khan Tent", where state experts come together, can be called "parliament" today, and where they gather and make decisions.

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    This activity is an activity belonging to KO1, our activity consists of 2 sessions, 1-69 and 70-75.

    The event is not a PK area, Karus El Morad can form a party

    The event is held once a day, Registration 19.It opens at 00 19.Closes at 05

    Event registration from the events menu

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    Stats and sKILL while entering the eventtheir levels will also be checked, characters falling from the higher level will be placed in sessions with their maximum levels.

    There are 2 types of creatures named YATGAK at our event.

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    In 1-69 kurvis, there are Yatgak with low hp mark, and in 70-75 curve there are Yatgak with higher hp mark.

    In the beds 1.There are Class High class item drops, there are also Cz, El Morad (karus) Ronark Land vacancies at the event, and 1 random empty is thrown towards the end of the event, the sub-notice is also published in Kurvi Çuvac Random empty notice.We had a player who dropped Cs from this event, we strongly recommend you to participate,

    Have fun everybody

  • CrossOver
    Membership date 07.10.2020