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  • SlaughteR

    Membership date 08.04.2020
    Hello guys, YİTİK KORIG (Old Turkish means Lost Forest)

    Although this activity earns less than other activities, it attracts a lot of attention and participation due to its being a PK area.

    Mob Name: Ünüjin Urga (Ancient Turkish means a monster tree that eats man)

    [url = https: //hizliresim.com/cSuxFB] [img] https://i.hizliresim.com/cSuxFB.jpg

    [/ img] [/ url]

    This event was organized completely according to KO1.

    Ünüjin Urga dies with R damage, has the same type of boss mobu with the same name, boss hps is different, dies with R damage.

    Both races registered for the event will be in the same area and it is the pk area, the event entry level limit is 30 level

    Party can be established in the event area

    Unüjin Rope has 50k expi and abbys gem, red box drop, Bosses have 500k exp and 100% green box drop

    Brief and concise presentation of our event (as video)

    PK videos of our games at the Lost Korig event;

    02.Lost Korig Pk after 44

    11th.35 - 13.Lost Korig Pk of 35

    Have fun everybody

  • _SoulTaker_
    Membership date 01.01.2021

  • _SoulTaker_
    Membership date 01.01.2021