• KO1\'s Story

In 2004, the Korean company Knight Online, produced by Wizgate at that time, attracted the attention of thousands of players.

The game's unique experience, trade and war environments quickly led to a separate audience from other games.

With its unique features, Knight Online has added a new sense of acting to the MMORPG culture.

For Knight Online, you cannot be a hero without the player's key combination skills, strategic experiences and game knowledge, no matter how superior your character's level, abilities and equipment.

In the early years, the local language servers were served in many countries. As they have the most understandable language, they turned to the North American server, namely USKO.

When the year was 2006, the majority of USKO's players were the Turks. This time, Knight Online had lived its golden age.

But over time, updates, changes, more efforts made to reach more players, extra products produced for more financial income began to damage that particular style of the game.

On top of all this, in addition to the efforts of the players to gain a share of the profit, the cheat programs and the bad effects such as devaluation of the game economy of the items gained by the game, the golden age of the end of the lost Knight lost millions of players.

In 2007, the worst was still going on, but Knight Online still had many players.

The story of KO1 begins here.

Süleyman DOĞAN, your profession, who played a game on USKO Diez server between 2005-2007 (his name was not dies at that time), is Pvpknight to develop private servers to restore Knight to its former glory.I started under the name of com.

With the files of the Taiwan server infiltrated to the market, in 2007-2009 Pvpknight, between the years 2009-2011, under the name of Ko-ogle server was my server.

Knight Online quickly reduced the number of players, and the mindsets gradually forced all servers to simplify and simplify.

On March 12, 2011, I opened Knightonline1 server which will be called KO1.

Orimzo (Original Myko difficult), Mexpio (medium exp item medium), Pk names as a 3-l server started KO1, 3 months after the players (if I'm going to play this hard server USTA play) on the other, except for Mexpio closed the other two servers.

Our intermediate server Mexpio was able to last 4 years and the database was reset in 2015.

Even though I had a light spark in March 2017, I couldn't even return KO1 to its former glory on my way to return Knight Online to its former glory.

KO1 test or beta in 4 years, and players still have a few weeks of life on the servers scattered in a way that lacks the old Great game.

Nowadays even in USKO, the newly opened server can display +9 +10 items a few days later and the game is in a very chaos environment.

The purpose of KO1 is to bring back that great game in 2006 with everything.

Our motto is 'USKO anyway' in the year 2006.

That is how difficult the exp is in the year 2006

In 2006, the more difficult the drop is now, the harder it is

In 2006, the more difficult the upgrade is now the harder

What is being sold in the year 2006 in Pus now

In 2006, when the stigma is now

In the year 2006, which items are available now.

We are committed to keeping Knight in its golden age, in 2006, by designing only new tasks and events, with no updates.